Individual Counseling

Individual counseling provides the opportunity to progress and improve emotionally, mentally and behaviorally in a safe and comfortable setting.

Family Counseling

Family therapy focuses on the strengths and areas for growth within the family unit. The therapist works with the family to progress towards their goals, that are psychologically and emotionally beneficial for each family member.

Group Counseling

During the 6 weeks of The Mind and Body Yoga Psychotherapy Group, participants will focus on developing and practicing coping techniques, as well as discussions geared towards reducing anxiety and stress.

Professional Consultation

I often get inquiries regarding the licensing process and starting a new private practice. Feel free to contact me regarding professional consultation services that I offer.


Strengthening Families

During family counseling sessions, we focus on the strengths of each individual family member and ways in which the family unit can improve as a whole.

The Best Part of Being a Kid

To engage our younger clients in therapeutic process, I incorporate fun games and activities during our sessions. This helps to allow the child to look forward to their time during therapy, instead of looking at therapy as a punishment. Board and card games, floam, and other activities are incorporated into the therapy session while simultaneously talking and working on the therapy goals proposed by the child and guardian(s).


Adolescence and Life Transitions

With adolescence comes many responsibilities and stresses resulting from important life transitions. Although experiences, such as beginning middle school and high school, can create positive memories and adventures; it can also take a toll on adolescents' psychological, emotional and mental well-being. Therapy can help teens to navigate their emotions and equip them with coping skills to set them up for success.

Taking Time for You

Individual therapy focuses on the treatment goals outlined by the client's New Client Intake Questionnaire. There are many reasons why people seek therapy services, including anxiety, sadness, grief, stress, life transitions, and many others. Dayspring Vision Counseling provides a comfortable and safe setting for individuals to build rapport with their therapist and receive therapeutic support he or she needs.


Healing, Learning and Growing Together!

Therapy often leads to a greater personal awareness and insight, significant reduction in feelings of distress, increased satisfaction in interpersonal relationships, increased skills for managing stress and resolutions to problems and progress towards treatment goals.

Next Steps...

Feel free to contact me at 248-385-2320 or [email protected] if you have any questions and to schedule your intake session.